The Social Traveller Blogger Project 2015


2015 / 2016 Influencer Campaign (YouTuber / Instagrammer)

The Social Traveller Blogger Project 2015

The Social Traveller Blogger Project is a truly global project which was initiated in Germany and covers the German, French and Anglophone markets with social media coverage through Bjorn Troch’s authentic 3 months adventure across Canada. He was travelling the country from East to West with an old school VW-van, had to learn how to play the guitar and made his gas money for the final leg of his trip by playing the guitar. He was co-sponsored by Gibson Guitars (7 million social media audience) and Go Pro (7 million social media audience) which besides a unique story and music as a great connecting element was our motivation to support.

Results: Twitter reach 1.4 million, Facebook impressions 305,000, Google Plus 230,000, 3 print articles in major German dailies, Global News TV, Radio Moncton, Spiegel Online published a big article on Wednesday, GoPro and Gibson Guitars both utilized their channels, which resulted in a huge amplification or our messages.


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